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11 May 2017: I’ve just published 3 new patterns, all on the theme of pony-eared hoodies! Simple, Striped and Rainbow. (Come ooooon! There *had* to be a rainbow one..!)

rainbow dash pony hoodie

Rainbow Pony Hoodie

Striped Pony Hoodie

Simple Pony Hoodie



28 November 2016: Newest addition to the shop for that gardener, mechanic or cook in your life:¬†Shetland Kitchen Soap. It’s easily my most popular product at craft fairs and makes a fantastic stocking filler.


9 November 2016: I’ve started uploading lots of little stocking filler hand-knitted and crocheted gifts for you to buy – more to come!


4 August 2016: You can now book autumn / winter knitting and crochet classes held at Your Best Foot Forward therapy centre in Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire. To save you flipping back and forth, I’ve got a single document describing all the classes in detail and a single-page schedule of classes. If there’s a technique or class you’re itching to learn and it’s not offered, tell me – I’m a qualified, very experienced adult education teacher and love devising bespoke classes!


1 May 2016: Sometimes you just need a quick bit of help rather than a whole class. Let me help! I can now offer you a full Yarn Doctor service.


You’ll find reviews of my classes, patterns and knitted items on my Facebook page’s Reviews Tab. I’ve transcribed some Email Feedback I’ve received about my work over the years – it’s very important to me that you feel confident when you buy from me or book onto one of my classes! I’m disabling the app to add your own review directly on here, as I’m getting over 500 spam messages a day. Meh! Please head over to FB if you ant to share your thoughts. Thanks!

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