About Rainbow Knits

Rainbow Knits is the culmination of over 4 decades of knitting, 3 decades of crocheting, 2 decades of teaching IT and team-building (and other bits and bobs along the way), and years of being drowned in pink.

Rainbow Knits

[box] “Don’t get me wrong, I like pink. But after having 3 baby girls in 4 years, I got more than a wee bit fed up of it,” says Jay Greengrass of Rainbow Knits. [/box]

Inspired to knit her daughters unique baby knits in vibrant rainbow colours, Jay started to design her own items so that they fitted properly, or stayed on better, or actually stood up to real-world wear and tear. It unleashed a monster, and led to her designing and selling original knitting and crochet patterns online, and teaching crochet and knitting classes in NE Scotland. She specialises in enthusiastically teaching and encouraging beginners, and teaches a wide variety of techniques and yarny projects at all experience levels, both as Rainbow Knits and as a freelance teacher.

Asked which piece of work she’s most proud of, she can’t decide between 2:

  • Shetland ring lace baby shawla double bed-sized Shetland ring lace shawl (so-called because it can slip through a wedding ring) that she knit in cobweb 1-ply Shetland wool. It nearly ended in tears – the circular needle she was working with snapped and she dropped over 300 stitches… Luckily she’s proficient at unpicking and resurrecting knitted work, so the shawl was saved and she now teaches those Ninja techniques to other knitters as part of her Professional Finishing Techniques course.
  • a knitted Max suit from Where The Wild Things Are, which was part of an art collaboration. In a fit of bravado, she’d declared to the project leader, “You describe it; I’ll knit it”. After 3 months of the most rewarding team-work under an inspirational leader, Jay finished a Max dressing-up suit that delighted even her harshest critic: her youngest daughter.

If you want to know more about the woman behind Rainbow Knits’ designs and knitting, she does blog, but luckily not here.  And she’s shared some of her best yarny Top Tips.