Banking Medium-Left in 3, 2, 1… Turn!

You might have noticed that I seem to be concentrating on publishing knitting patterns rather than churning out lots of stock for my website or craft fairs…  Well, you’d be right!

As I hinted at earlier in the year on Facebook posts, I need to shift the Rainbow Knits focus a little to better rebalance what I spend my time on during the day.  In 2010 I gave up my full-time job and career to upgrade to looking after my 3 little girls full-time, but slowly the majority of my time has shifted from spending with them to focussing on Rainbow Knits and fulfilling orders (as well as writing 2 blogs, and taking on a couple of voluntary roles, and the usual stuff that people do).  Much as I’m addicted to knitting and enjoy the other things I do, my top 3 priorities are my minxes.


OK… what changes are in store for Rainbow Knits?  Well, from a customer perspective, it’s actually going to look better!  I honestly believe this will be a win-win situation for us all.


–  I’ll still be selling my original design knits in my website shop, but not in volume: they’ll be one-offs.  So I won’t be stocking new designs in lots of different sizes and colours like I used to.

–  Over time, the website will change to prioritise the knitting patterns, and the shop of ready-made garments will be smaller.  It’ll look neater and tidier, and it’ll be easier to find and look at things.  I’ll also run more sudden sales (more on that in a later post – watch this space!)

–  I’ll still take on commissions, but fewer than before: my ‘book’ has been halved.  As always, talk to me via if you’d like something knitted for you.

–  I’ll still post the same kinds of things that I currently do on Facebook (mix of funnies and interesting, knitting-related snippets).

–  I’ll try to start posting and chatting over Twitter and am slowly investigating Tumblr (!).

–  But best of all, you’ll now be able to buy the knitting patterns and knit them up yourself, in your own selection of yarn.  As I’ll not have to restrict my designing to small, faster-knitting items, I’ll now be able to really have some fun and unleash my creativity.  Woohoo!


Actually that probably wasn’t the best news; I thought I’d highlight the copyright of my patterns for the many fellow-knitters who check my website out from time-to-time and who I chat with on Facebook.  Yes, the patterns themselves are copyright because I sat down with my knitting needles, yarn, a pen and (many!) bits of paper, and knitted, took notes, frogged it out, knitted again, changed my notes, frogged, then repeated that cycle, many times, to come up with one little knit.  Then over many cups of coffee tried to translate them into something another human could read and understand.  And don’t even talk to me about all the photos and diagrams to explain things (<shudder>… photography isn’t my strong point).  So you can’t copy or reproduce the pattern, or, Heaven forefend, re-sell it!  But what you knit from the patterns is yours, yours, yours: you can wear it; you can give it to a much-loved relative; you can sell it to your friend; you can knit lots up in beautiful colours and sell them at craft fairs; you can even sell them on your own website.  Hey, fill your boots!  It would be brilliant if you credited me as the designer (my name is Jay Greengrass, but I’m happy to be known as Rainbow Knits), but I won’t throw a strop if you don’t.  (Though I’ll tell you a secret…  I sometimes post surprise discount codes and vouchers for Rainbow Knits to people who send a lot of customers to me through mentioning my work.  Crediting me or my website is a kindness I like to repay).  Just so long as you don’t pretend that you did all the design work.  I’m honestly sure you wouldn’t, and I hope you’re not offended; I just feel better mentioning it now and getting it out the way.


Just do me a favour?  Please?  Post pics of your lovely knits on the Rainbow Knits Facebook page so we can all admire what a good job you did, and spread some Rainbow Knit love.

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9 thoughts on “Banking Medium-Left in 3, 2, 1… Turn!

  1. Good for you Jay…I can’t afford your lovliness anyway but a pattern…wahay! For someone else who loves the making part but is not a designer this is the best outcome!

    Fiona x

    1. Aw, thank you Fiona 😀 I promise that my main goal for 2013 is to get all my knits’ patterns written up, photographed and published. I think the longest part seems to be doing photo-tutorials for tricky bits! And getting distracted by new ideas…

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  5. Hi Jay, Lovely blog 🙂 love the idea Well Done 🙂 Serpil

    1. Thanks Serpil! I don’t write much on here, just the knitting stuff that’s too long for Facebook 😉

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