Finishing Techniques

Acrylic or Merino? Daddy or Chips?

Posted by on 22 Feb, 2013 in Finishing Techniques | 2 comments

I’m flattered that my friends ask my advice about yarn a lot: which is the best one to use for such-and-such a project, which is a suitable but cheaper alternative to Brand X, which weight of yarn would work for this cardigan, which will be hard-wearing enough…?  If I wrote an article on factors to consider when choosing yarn, it would turn into a book!  And a heavy one at that…  Instead, in this blog post I talk about my journey in selecting the yarns that I use for my Rainbow Knits garments and items.  It isn’t sponsored by anyone, and opinions expressed are mine alone. When I first started knitting in rainbows, while pregnant with my 3rd...

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Sale News!

Posted by on 27 Nov, 2012 in Finishing Techniques | 0 comments

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Top Design Tips No. 1

Posted by on 10 Nov, 2012 in Finishing Techniques, Work Examples | 0 comments

This week I’ve been beavering away on a super-secret collaboration with some other WAHM crafters.  I can’t and won’t tell you about it until Spring, but I can certainly give you this peep into how I design… Rather than knit an entire garment, I’m doing little test-parts of it at a time.  So there’s been lots of feverish work on the calculator, hours of knitting, almost as many hours ripping out and re-sewing of seams, and plenty of frantic waggling around of tension swatches to check on the fabric ‘drape’.  (And not forgetting the entire waste of an evening when the sleep deprivation got to me and I did a massive tension...

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Free Pattern – Line of Hearts Crochet Edging

Posted by on 27 Aug, 2012 in Finishing Techniques, free pattern, Work Examples | 36 comments

I’m a knitter through and through, but after seeing the lovely granny stripe blanket that Lucy of Attic24 crocheted, well… I had to have a go. It took me 18 months but I finally completed it (left). I spent days searching for just the right edging that both me and Maxi Minx liked. She had her heart set on hearts, but I couldn’t find any edging patterns. Although I’m a pretty inexperienced crocheter, I decided to make it up myself. So I did! I wrote it up as a photo tutorial and am really happy to share it with you for free because it’s not to the same exacting standards that I write my knitting patterns – just click on the button at the...

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Sew Much More To Do

Posted by on 23 Jun, 2012 in Finishing Techniques | 1 comment

I love knitting – I think about it when my mind isn’t immediately occupied with keeping my 3 little minxes out of danger / trouble. I knit to unwind. I knit to destress. I knit to motivate myself. I knit to clothe my daughters (when I can’t find what I’m after in the shops). I knit because I have to. My name is Jay Greengrass and I am a knitting addict. BUT… I’m not so mad on sewing! The photo shows my current task. I finished knitting this beautiful pink pram blanket a fortnight ago and darned away most of the ends for the single colour squares, but the sheer number of ends to darn in on the ‘fancy’ squares has demotivated...

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Woolly Washing!

Posted by on 4 Jun, 2012 in Finishing Techniques | 1 comment

Perhaps you’re thinking of buying a lovely wee Rainbow Knit? Maybe you’re a little nervous about looking after it? Well, even though I buy the best* wool I can find to hand-knit my baby knits from, I thought I’d write about the best way to look after all your knitwear to make it look better for longer, last you decades and give you best value for money. * ‘best’ to me is wool that is ideally merino because of its fantastic breathability in summer and warmth in winter; as soft as possible so it can be next to babies’ sensitive skin; robust enough to cope with machine-washing and toddlers on ‘excite’ setting; and comes in...

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