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2016 Knitting and Crochet Classes

Posted by on 13 Jan, 2016 in Work Examples | 0 comments

I’m very excited about running an extensive programme of knitting and crochet classes, for all levels and abilities, from the wonderful new therapy centre in Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire: Your Best Foot Foward. It’s airy, light, comfortable and welcoming, so the perfect venue for my relaxed classes. You’ll see that the schedule of knitting and crochet classes for 2016 covers Monday evenings and Wednesday mornings. I’m also available outside of those times to teach one-to-one lessons. Just drop me an email on and let me know what kind of knitting or crochet lesson you’re looking for and when. I’ve also published a...

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Free Pattern – Recorder Cover Case

Posted by on 9 May, 2014 in free pattern, Work Examples | 0 comments

My eldest daughter is learning how to play the recorder. Even when she remembers to put it away in its case, she’s forever losing it. Or leaving it on windowsills and dropping it on the floor (ouch!) What’s a mother to do?! Get practical, and crochet her a cover for the recorder that protects it, is in her favourite colours and is bright. Job done. You can download the directions (they’re hardly a pattern!) for free right at the bottom of this page. Enjoy! And… do tell me whether you actually did enjoy crocheting yours or not on my Facebook page. I’d really love to hear. Free crochet pattern for Recorder Cover Case right…...

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Is Your Child a Wild Thing? Then This Is For You

Posted by on 14 Mar, 2013 in Work Examples | 0 comments

In October 2012 I answered an advert seeking a knitter. It was on an online babywearing forum I occasionally go to, and I knew that the woman placing the ad, Claire of Kitten Creations, made stunningly intricate pieces of textile art cunningly disguised as baby carriers. Anyway, Claire replied; we chatted back in forth in more and more detail about her project, and I was hooked immediately. Her vision was so ambitious and sounded so much fun that I’d have begged her on my knees to let me join if she’d turned me down: she wanted to create a baby carrier on the theme of Where The Wild Things Are, with a massive, mad collection of themed items to go with it, all made by...

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Top Design Tips No. 1

Posted by on 10 Nov, 2012 in Finishing Techniques, Work Examples | 0 comments

This week I’ve been beavering away on a super-secret collaboration with some other WAHM crafters.  I can’t and won’t tell you about it until Spring, but I can certainly give you this peep into how I design… Rather than knit an entire garment, I’m doing little test-parts of it at a time.  So there’s been lots of feverish work on the calculator, hours of knitting, almost as many hours ripping out and re-sewing of seams, and plenty of frantic waggling around of tension swatches to check on the fabric ‘drape’.  (And not forgetting the entire waste of an evening when the sleep deprivation got to me and I did a massive tension...

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Free Knitting Pattern – Rainbow eSock

Posted by on 22 Oct, 2012 in free pattern, Work Examples | 0 comments

Last week was National Knitting Week *and* my Facebook page hit 500 likers.  I know a lot of people do random giveaways when their pages hit milestones like that, but I prefer to be a bit more inclusive: to thank all my page fans, I’ve written a free knitting pattern (click on the download below).  Like all my knitting patterns, you’re perfectly free to sell any items you make from it (though of course you can’t copy, reproduce or resell the patterns or photos themselves – that would be breaking the law.  Just point folk at this page instead with hyperlinks 😉 ) So… what’s great about this pattern?  Well: it’s EASY –...

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Banking Medium-Left in 3, 2, 1… Turn!

Posted by on 20 Sep, 2012 in Work Examples | 9 comments

You might have noticed that I seem to be concentrating on publishing knitting patterns rather than churning out lots of stock for my website or craft fairs…  Well, you’d be right! As I hinted at earlier in the year on Facebook posts, I need to shift the Rainbow Knits focus a little to better rebalance what I spend my time on during the day.  In 2010 I gave up my full-time job and career to upgrade to looking after my 3 little girls full-time, but slowly the majority of my time has shifted from spending with them to focussing on Rainbow Knits and fulfilling orders (as well as writing 2 blogs, and taking on a couple of voluntary roles, and the usual stuff...

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