Emailed Feedback

They arrived today and are just adorable! Thank you so much for producing them so quickly! T.P, May 2011 – bespoke baby booties

As per my post on Facebook – the booties look absolutely fab!  (& I’m not being put off the Eolianite’s by my wonderful colleague who informs me that they look like the baby’s been out stomping in the mud in them!!  Despite this, they are her favourite pair…  She’s an odd one!) M.B., May 2011 – limited edition baby booties

…my partner took a shine to it and appears to have lost it! 🙁 … My big kid loves the smaller one, though, he’s practically living in it. 🙂 … It’s perfect, thank you 🙂 K.L., Jan 2012 – bespoke family beanies

They’ve arrived! And they’re fab!  Thank You! J. C., Jun 2012 – baby booties

Recieved today! thank you very much! theyre brilliant! thank you for your fab customer service. I will be recommending you to friends H.W., Sep 2012 – bespoke baby booties

I enjoyed the class very much and found it easy to follow… Thanks again for the enthusiasm and support G.H., April 2013 – beginners crochet class

I have been meaning to e-mail you to thank you for learning me to crochet.  I am totally hooked. M.D., Oct 2014, beginners crochet class

Thanks for delivering such a great course. V.R., Oct 2014 beginners crochet class

Thanks for all your help and ive no doubt i will be back to your class again sometime! I really enjoyed it and im trying to keep going with what i learned,its just finding the time now. J.M., Oct 2014, beginners crochet class

Your site is lovely , glad I found it! A.B., Nov 2014

I had a wonderful day doing the beginner crochet with you yesterday, I feel more confident now and I cannot wait to do more things. P.J., Nov 2014, beginners crochet classes

Thank you so much for all the information you have sent us and taking all that time to send it to me. V.J., Apr 2015 – post crochet workshop help

I really enjoyed myself and am so glad I decided to do it, you are a great teacher and I will be singing your praises to everyone I know whether they have expressed any interest in learning to knit or not. V.C., Nov 2015 – beginners knitting classes

I am blown away by your talent and attention to detail L.C., Dec 2015 – programme of classes

It was more fun than I thought it was going to be, as did remember some things…even though it has been a few years. A.D., Jan 2016 – 1:1 knitting tuition

Thank you again for a lovely class, you make it so enjoyable J.G., Jan 2016 – beginners knitting classes

Thanks so much jay I have done nothing but show off my work today with so much pride really enjoyed doing ur class today M.R., Feb 2016 – 1:1 knitting tuition