Sew Much More To Do

darn yarn end
14 ends darned – only 2,657 to go…

I love knitting – I think about it when my mind isn’t immediately occupied with keeping my 3 little minxes out of danger / trouble. I knit to unwind. I knit to destress. I knit to motivate myself. I knit to clothe my daughters (when I can’t find what I’m after in the shops). I knit because I have to. My name is Jay Greengrass and I am a knitting addict. BUT… I’m not so mad on sewing!

The photo shows my current task. I finished knitting this beautiful pink pram blanket a fortnight ago and darned away most of the ends for the single colour squares, but the sheer number of ends to darn in on the ‘fancy’ squares has demotivated me a bit. Even though the Rainbow Blues Square blanket had far, far more ends to cope with. I estimate that it’ll take me maybe another 3 hours to darn and snip everything neatly away. I know I could just knot everything away and cover it with some fabric and be done with it, but I’m a perfectionist. And I’m still learning – I recently sent some baby legwarmers away to some lovely volunteer testers who promised to use and abuse them so I could check how hard-wearing they’d be. They developed pulls. I was so disappointed! So I now make my yarn end darning as bomb-proof as I can.

In a later blog post I promise to show you how I darn my ends away (now that I’ve learned my lesson that babies really can destruct the almost indestructible!). But for now I thought I’d just show you the mountain ahead of me, and hope that it gives some of you fellow-knitters a chuckle – that’ll teach me for wanting to knit in so many colours, eh?

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  1. Molly – you can get whole books on knitting benlkat squares! I usually use double knitting yarn with a smallish needle to keep the squares from being too stretchy (the ones I’m knitting at the moment are a bit looser than I’d usually make, as they’re to match some old squares found under the bed) … either plain garter stitch or moss stitch :)Maggie – thanks! xRie – oh, it’s horrid when it’s too hot to knit or sew! hope it cools down a bit for you soon 🙂

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