Shetland Kitchen Soap

Shetland Kitchen Soap

kitchen-soap-tallSometimes our hands need a bit of help getting clean and normal soap just won’t cut it.

That’s why I made these Shetland Kitchen Soaps: around each bar of lemon-scented family soap I’ve knitted a 100% undyed Shetland wool outer to lend a bit of extra exfoliation and roughness to scrub dirt, oil and cooking smells from your hands. Perfect for that gardener, mechanic or cook!

The wool will felt and shrink with use, so your little parcel of soap will stay looking cute for weeks and months on end. And even better – they’re entirely seamless!

When testing the soaps with my mucky trio of kids, we found that the soaps lasted much, much longer than usual because the soap infuses into the wool and doesn’t get washed down the plug-hole. The naturally anti-microbial properties of the wool help to keep the soap fresh in the dish, too.

4 individually wrapped bars of 125g soap, with complementary tones of undyed pure Shetland wool as pictured, wrapped together with kitchen string. 

Or buy them singly.

Free postage in the UK; £5 postage charge for non-UK customers – I’ll post as International Standard within 1 business day of receiving your order. If this is to be a Christmas present, please make sure you order well before the last recommended postage dates for Christmas.


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